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The Case for Christmas

A Journalist Investigates the Identity of the Child in the Manger

Lee Strobel

The Case for Christmas

A Journalist Investigates the Identity of the Child in the Manger

Lee Strobel


In The Case for Christmas, Lee Strobel puts his training as an investigative reporter to work on finding out the truth about the Christmas Nativity story.

This well written and down to earth investigation is interesting and very helpful for anyone of any age seeking to understand the events of the first Christmas or defend the identity of the baby in the manger.

With the experiences of his own faith journey, The Case for Christmas opens with the author’s own encounter as a non-Christian journalist with a poor family. Here he discovered that, even in their poverty, they showed an extraordinary generosity born from their deep and living faith in Jesus Christ.

Lee Strobel goes on to thoroughly examine the reasons why people might argue against believing in Jesus Christ, taking their argument apart with answers from to key questions from Bible scholars, historians, thinkers and pastors.

By consulting experts on Bible archaeology and messianic prophecy, Lee Strobel searches out the true identity of the child in the manger. He asks the tough, pointed questions you'd expect from an award-winning legal journalist, sifting through the Eyewitness Evidence;

  • Can the biographies of Jesus be trusted?
  • What does archaeology reveal?
  • Did Jesus fulfil the attributes of God?
  • Did Jesus uniquely match the identity of the Messiah?

Somewhere beyond the traditions of the Christmas holiday lies the truth. It may be more compelling than you've realized. Weigh the facts... And decide for yourself.

The award winning and best selling author does an excellent job in presenting the most persuasive arguments against aspects of faith, marshalling an array of facts from a wealth of sources, and refuting the critics.

In this neat little volume, Strobel produces a convincing case for the truth and accuracy of the scriptural record. This book gives you the evidence for The Nativity and helps you respond to the critics of the Christ’s existence, identity and mission.

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    The Case for Christmas

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    Lee Strobel

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    The Case for...

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