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In All Things

A Nine-Week Devotional Bible Study on Unshakeable Joy

Melissa B Kruger

In All Things

A Nine-Week Devotional Bible Study on Unshakeable Joy

Melissa B Kruger


This accessible and practical Bible study of the book of Philippians invites you to discover a joy and contentment that will carry you through every circumstance of life.

With warm teaching and perspective-shifting insights, Bible teacher Melissa Kruger walks you through the power-packed words of the apostle Paul to believers in the early church to discover what he knew about the secret to unshakeable peace--and how his insights can help any woman discover a secure and satisfying contentment no matter what life may bring. With the Scripture passages printed right in the book for handy reference, this is an ideal resource for busy women of any life stage who want to deepen their spiritual life and increase their daily joy.


“If you’re looking for a resource that not only teaches but also trains, this is it. In All Things encourages us as participants to be active learners, mining the book of Philippians with time-honored tools. Melissa Kruger invites us into the text, helping us move from observation to interpretation to application and finally to devotional reflection based on what we have learned. I know firsthand the richness of this approach. I’m thrilled to recommend this study and pray she writes many more.”

—Jen Wilkin, author of None Like Him

“Melissa Kruger helps readers put their heads down into Scripture to explore what is before and underneath and around the text, offering helpful insights along the way that deepen understanding. Then she invites readers to look intently into the reality of their own lives to apply the truths of the text in meaningful and life-changing ways. This is a solid study of a short book from a trusted source.”

—Nancy Guthrie, author of Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament Bible study series

“If you have read Melissa Kruger before, you will know that she has a passion for the study and right interpretation of God’s Word and a gift for helping others study and understand it for themselves. She is also disarmingly honest, an excellent writer, and a superb storyteller. In All Things is a devotional study through Philippians that will guide you and your group through this important letter with its message of unshakeable joy. I warmly commend it to you.”

—Ligon Duncan, chancellor and CEO of the Reformed Theological Seminary

“Daily life—from the world news to our own personal difficulties—often seems uncertain and unsettling. Each of us faces circumstances beyond our control and situations we never anticipated. At such times, joy can be elusive. In All Things is a bright light shining through the fog. With warmth and biblical wisdom, Melissa Kruger guides readers on a nine-week journey through the book of Philippians, bringing us to rest in the ultimate source of unshakeable joy, Jesus.”

—Megan Hill, writer, speaker, editorial board member at Christianity Today, and author of Praying Together

“Thank you, Melissa, for another excellent Bible study. What a fantastic format to set a busy mum up to succeed in developing her own spiritual life as she faces the ever-pressing demands of nurturing all those in her care! This is great subject matter to study together to reshape every part of life with a gospel, missional perspective!”

—Kristyn Getty, wife, mother, hymn writer, and singer

“Is it true that we can find real and lasting joy? Where do we even begin to look? Melissa Kruger has done us a great service. In All Things helps us with our search for unshakeable joy. You won’t have to look for long (she tells you on the second page!): it’s Jesus. Christ-centered, theological, and relatable; I highly recommend this book!”

—Trillia Newbell, author of EnjoyGod’s Very Good Idea, and Fear and Faith

“Who doesn’t want more joy? I love how Melissa Kruger guides readers in the way of Jesus, the way of grace and peace, no matter where life may take us.”

—Collin Hansen, editorial director of the Gospel Coalition and coauthor of A God-Sized Vision

“With biblical knowledge and practical wisdom, Melissa brings refreshing insight to a familiar topic: joy. This study of Philippians skips feel-good platitudes and simple self-helps and wrestles thoroughly with the passages of Scripture through meaning, interpretation, application, and communion in each week’s focal truth. This study is so needed; I’m anticipating the many lives changed by unshakeable joy through these pages.”

—Ruth Chou Simons, artist and best-selling author of GraceLaced

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    In All Things

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    Melissa B Kruger

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    Waterbrook Multnomah

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    Adults, Female

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