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The Big Wide Welcome

A True Story About Jesus, James, and a Church That Learned to Love All Sorts of People

Trillia J Newbell



The Big Wide Welcome

A True Story About Jesus, James, and a Church That Learned to Love All Sorts of People

Trillia J Newbell


This beautiful hardback Bible storybook for 3-6-year-olds uses the Bible's teaching on favouritism from James chapter 2 to encourage children to love and welcome people regardless of their wealth, personality or background, just like Jesus does.

Jesus knows that everyone needs him to rescue them from their sin, and he welcomes anyone who is sorry and asks to be his friend. In this book, children will learn that Christians and churches are called to be like Jesus: to give a big, wide welcome to all kinds of people so that they can hear the good news for themselves.

From the author of the bestselling God's Very Good Idea, a book celebrating diversity and dignity.

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    The Big Wide Welcome

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    Trillia J Newbell

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    The Good Book Company

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Timely & Encouraging

The Big Wide Welcome is the second children’s book by author and Bible teacher, Trillia Newbell. This title is one of many in the wonderful Tales That Tell the Truth series from The Good Book Company. Its content is essentially a kid-friendly adaptation of the book of James. The Big Wide Welcome helps young readers recognize the sin of partiality by explaining what was occurring in James’ church and provides modern examples to help children learn what exclusion looks like and why it is wrong. Trillia writes in a way that is easy for children to understand and relate to. She uses the idea of favorites to demonstrate that while everyone has favorite things, it is not okay to play favorites when it comes to people. Young readers are reminded that instead of treating some people preferentially, we ought to treat all of them with the same love that God shows for His people in Christ. Although this is a children’s book, my heart was greatly encouraged as Trillia wrote about how churches ought to be the most welcoming places and it made me consider what role I have to play in welcoming others into the church. We really enjoyed The Big Wide Welcome and look forward to reading more books in the Tales That Tell the Truth series. I received The Big Wide Welcome compliments of The Good Book Company in exchange for my honest review.

Lauren DuPrez

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