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Neighborhoods Reimagined

How the Beatitudes Inspire our Call to be Good Neighbors

Chris McKinney and Elizabeth McKinney
Pre-order: May 6, 2024

Neighborhoods Reimagined

How the Beatitudes Inspire our Call to be Good Neighbors

Chris McKinney and Elizabeth McKinney



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Somewhere along the way we drifted apart from our next-door neighbors, and now we’re not sure we can get back together again. We lack a clear vision for showing and sharing Jesus’ love with them and how his countercultural values might transform our neighborhoods, including us. But just imagine.

Imagine a neighborhood where people are connected rather than isolated, where wrongs are righted, where mercy brings fences down, and where we become agents in seeing God’s kingdom come.

Believing the beatitudes are Jesus’ invitation into neighborhood flourishing, Neighborhoods Reimagined envisions how these upside-down values can turn our corners right-side-up.

What others are saying:

“This friendly and engaging book woos us to come out from behind our closed doors to engage with the people on the other side of the fence—and the other side of the street—out of love for Christ and a desire for his kingdom to come to our own neighborhoods. Rather than guilting us into greater openness, Chris and Elizabeth paint a joyful and fruitful picture for us that generates the desire, ideas, and energy we need to boldly open the doors of our homes and our lives to those who live right around us.”

— Nancy Guthrie, Bible teacher and author of Even Better than Eden

Neighborhoods Reimagined is an important, helpful, practical, and fast- paced book. We have forgotten both what Jesus has said in the Sermon on the Mount in the beatitudes and we have forgotten what it means to be neighborly. What Elizabeth and Chris have done here is show us how the greatest sermon of all time relates to everyday relationships with those right next door to you. If you really believe that God is in control (and you should) then that means he has you exactly where you are for a purpose and this excellent book is going to help you find that purpose and practice. Imagine what would be possible if we all lived with the kind of intentionality and hospitality Jesus argues for in his upside-down kingdom. Through engaging stories, witty illustrations, and down-to-earth analogies, the McKinneys have shown us a better path in how we relate to our neighbors.”

— Michael Graham, program director for The Keller Center for Cultural Apologetics and author of The Great Dechurching

“Chris and Elizabeth invite us to reimagine how the gospel impacts us and our neighborhoods alongside an insightful journey through the ‘refreshing breeze’ of the beatitudes. Great storytellers, Chris and Elizabeth draw the reader in with relatable experiences that normalize what it looks like to be neighbors who love Jesus. The thoughtful reflection and discussion questions at the end of each chapter provide an excellent way to put their insights into practice in community. I highly recommend Neighborhoods Reimagined!”

— Cas Monaco, FamilyLife VP of Missiology and Gospel Engagement

“Often books about the beatitudes are focused on the individual: how do I live out kingdom values. But the beatitudes are at their very core interested in the life of the kingdom in community. That is, with and around our neighbors. Chris and Elizabeth McKinney give us a practically helpful and uniquely engaging vision of what the life of the kingdom could look like here ‘on earth as it is in heaven.’ Imagine what our neighborhoods would be like if we reimagined them from Jesus’ great sermon.”

— Jeremy Writebol, pastor of Woodside Bible Church, MI and author of Pastor, Jesus is Enough.

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    Neighborhoods Reimagined

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    Chris McKinney and Elizabeth McKinney

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Chris McKinney

Chris McKinney

Chris & Elizabeth McKinney (MDiv, Covenant Seminary) live with their four daughters in Columbia, Missouri. They work for Cru City and serve as associate staff at The Crossing Church. They are the authors of Placed for a Purpose and Neighborhoods Reimagined: How the Beatitudes Inspire Our Call To Be Good Neighbors. They are passionate about equipping believers to love their next-door neighbors. You can find them on Instagram, at and as hosts of the Placed For a Purpose Podcast.

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Elizabeth McKinney

Elizabeth McKinney

Elizabeth McKinney lives in Columbia, Missouri, with her husband Chris and their four daughters. She works for Cru City and serves at associate staff at her church, The Crossing. With Chris, she has co-authored Placed for a Purpose and Neighborhoods Reimagined: How to Beatitudes Inspire Our Call to Be Good Neighbors. She writes, speaks and is passionate about equipping churches to love their next-door neighbors. You can find her on Instagram, at and as co-host for the Placed For a Purpose Podcast.

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